New high efficiency billet furnace

In TECALEX we have developed a new high efficiency billet furnace which we have called INFORE BILLET FURNACE, (Integrated Forced Recirculation).

In this furnaces we have applied improvements oriented to increase efficiency, capacity, security and reduce gas consumption.
This technology is based in the Internal pressure control in the closed loop cycle and controlling the exhaust  fumes through the chimney. These exhausted fumes are maintained at a minimum keeping hot fumes inside the furnace for billet preheating.  With this pressure control we ensure a constant flame in the burning area.  
In short stops or low productions the furnace remain hot.
We also have reduced the flow of cold air in the Log inlet, cool air intake servo valves, Thermocouples and Nozzles.
These furnaces with two recirculation stages reduce the consumption by aprox. 15%.

All under control:
  • This oven is able to work in automatic mode in function of needs showing:
  • Preheating zone row
  • The combustion zone row
  • The furnace efficiency
  • The specificic consumption: (gas consumption / aluminium processed)
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