Commissioning a 8 inch Turnkey Plant for EXTRAL in Poland

Tecalex started with the commissioning turnkey aluminum profile extrusion plant for EXTRAL in Poland. Extral is modern and dynamic company specializing in extrusion of semi-hard alloy profile. This is second extrusion line manufactured by Tecalex for this company. The latest Tecalex hot billet saw system was integrated into the plant concept. The whole extrusion plant is equipped with most modern servo drive systems.

Servo drive systems are replacing more and more conventional AC or hydraulic drives in industrial processes. These days’ servo drives are state-of-the-art in CNC machining and factory automation. Their main advantages have resulted in a recent trend in extrusion equipment design to integrate servo systems mainly in press feeding, puller and saws in order to eliminate conventional hydraulic or AC motors. 

A key characteristic of servo drives is the addition of motor feedback allowing for a precise process control. A servo drive receives a command signal from a control system and produces motion defined by velocity, torque or position. The process control, maintenance and energy saving advantages of servo drives over conventional AC or hydraulic systems are significant especially in the design of high precision and high speed saw systems.  

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