Tecalex Signs Contract for Delivery of 9 inch Plant to ALIPLAST Eastern Europe

Tecalex was able to win an important delivery contract for a complete turnkey aluminum extrusion line which will be commissioned in Poland by spring and summer 2015.

The 9 inch plant is the second turnkey project for ALIPLAST Poland and 5th complete extrusion line manufactured by Tecalex for ALIPLAST multinational group since 2009. 

One of the customers’ main factors was the focus on energy savings. The new Tecalex billet furnace will be included in the scope of delivery. 

The latest Tecalex furnace  technology is based in the internal pressure control in a closed loop cycle by controlling the exhaust  fume flow at any process stage. The pressure control allows for a  constant flame behavior in the burning area.  

Other features are insulation and optimization of log entrance area in order to avoid cold air filtering inside the furnace. Air supply is controlled by servo valves. The further optimization of thermocouples and burner nozzles lead to important energy savings compared to traditional design principles.

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