Third Press Test in Tecalex according to Full-Simulation-Procedure

When managing a mass production line, like in the case of aluminium extrusion plants, the plant owner’s primary goal is to ensure good quality in manufacturing and that the products are being shipped to customers on time and at the required quality level. That is why the press test at TECALEX before delivering an extrusion line to the customer is so important.

TECALEX carried out a total of 3 press tests at the Barcelona location during the first half of 2016 for different extrusion lines in the range of 6 to 9” which were delivered to the final customer location after deep and successful testing procedure which is called Full-Simulation-Procedure.

The challenge of ensuring high level of quality in manufacturing is to control perfectly the core process of extrusion which is press feeding and the extrusion press.

The testing procedure is carried out from a mixed team of Tecalex senior engineers, usually in presence of the final customer. The testing data will be analyzed and approved.

"Production downtime is a nightmare for extruders. It may lead to significant delivery delays for the customers and damage the heart of the production business. Only proper press testing before delivery will help you minimizing this risk", says Jaume Amoros, global technical manager of Tecalex.

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