Upgrade and retrofit state-of-the-art technology of existing lines.

Based on more than 40 years of experience in the aluminium extrusion equipment manufacturing, Tecalex is able to provide a different range of products to upgrade and retrofit existing equipment with state-of-the-art technology.

Within these products, we remark:

  • Extrusion line general audit
  • Existing hydraulic systems evaluation
  • Obsolete hydraulic components replacement by new equivalent ones.
  • Analysis, update and/or retrofit of press old hydraulics in order to reduce the dead cycle time
  • Press back-loading retrofit to front-loading achieving a longer billet.
  • Container inner liner replacement
  • New control of temperature for existing containers by means of thyristors
  • Tie rod ultrasonic check with non-destructive tests
  • Press realignment
  • Stretcher pusher replacement by fingers type.
  • Partial extrusion lines replacement, press feeding replacement, simple puller replacement by double puller, and baskets management automation from profile stacking to load/unload aging oven
  • Press feeder replacement by 6 axis robot. It reduces the loading time, and allows certain gap in the press feeding implementation.
  • Out of date PLC's replacement by new updated systems such as Siemens or Allen Bradley, all of them integrated within the same network.
  • Hot-line and remote service from Tecalex
  • New main control boards with industrial screens (SCADA) connected within the same PLC's network and getting access to whole line parameters
  • New production software which allows connection to customers ERP