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BASSFIELD is the newly created (2018) Spanish subsidiary of SICA2M. BASSFIELD was created exclusively for the acquisition of Tecalex’s brand and assets, in order to make the most of the obvious synergies between both companies.

SICA2M is a French firm constituted in 1932, with its headquarters in Loué, France.

Specialist in industrial conveying technology, SICA2M offers automated solutions for smooth industrial production flows.

SICA2M is a dynamic company, recognised as a leader in its field of activities by internationally renowned groups, especially in the automotive sector and for suppliers of the car industry, such as MICHELIN, RENAULT, PSA, OPEL and General Motors.

SICA2M designs, manufactures and installs the most effective solutions which meet the customers’ requirements:

  • Robot cells for loading/unloading applications in various fields of activities (machining, casting, forging, assembly, palletising)
  • Conveyors, with a standard range enabling to design the technical solutions for production flow that can meet various kinds of demands
  • Gantries in several sizes and configurations to suit a large variety of applications
  • Specific projects for the aircraft industry and the general industry

SICA2M’s wide range of capacities allows it to offer its customers the solutions adapted to their needs.

SICA2M and Tecalex have complementary activities:

  • First of all, SICA2M benefits from Tecalex technologies. SICA2M provides advanced technology for automated systems. SICA2M’s ambition consists in helping Tecalex with the development of its machinery and new technologies.
  • Then, the acquisition of Tecalex improves and diversifies SICA2M’s products. Indeed, Tecalex has an undeniable know-how in aluminium technology, which will enable SICA2M to perfect its products.
  • Finally, SICA2M and TECALEX have complementary sales networks. If Tecalex is very present on the European market, SICA2M has its primary place of business in France and overseas. Therefore, the combination of these two companies enables each one of them to develop a new sales network and to increase their customer portfolio.


 SICA2M and Tecalex, innovative product, technological solutions and European quality, ready to offer what the aluminium market requires: Efficiency and productivity