New enhancements in Tecalex equipment

Cosme Galceran

Tecalex – Bassfield, thanks to the synergies within SICA2M group and Quantum, has launched a set of products to improve the features and maintenance of Tecalex existing equipment. Although these products have been designed for all equipment manufactured by Tecalex, in most cases those set of enhancements might be implemented in other brands. These improvements aim to provide new features to existing equipment as well as improving our products lifetime at a very competitive price.

Regarding these sets, we remark,

  • Oil external filtering system of press reservoir (Easy self-installation) to increase the hydraulic components lifetime in press or hot-shear.
  • Inlet filtering. By means of Tecalex own design is able to protect the press main pumps installing a previous filter before the hydraulic unit.
  • Press hydraulic revision by means of Tecalex expert. With a few indications, and some adjustments can reduce the press dead cycle time, as well as a detailed report about the hydraulic status.
  • Modify the main cylinder Gasquet of the press with a new seals system to increase the lifetime of equipment at a very reduce cost.
  • Install a 6-axis industrial robot in order to replace the old press feeder (AKA colloquially Robot too). It increases the lifetime of equipment, it reduces the loading time, and it is not needed a perfect alignment between furnace axis and press axis, leaving certain gap in all axis during equipment installation.

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